Sometimes it is a hard choice to nourish oneself. I see body shaming and diet culture as violence. Women are often targets, but men are not immune. For me it is easier to see the struggle in the other, though the family suffers from internalized messages and possibly genetic traits. This work has helped me lean into challenging self-inquiry. What am I hungering for? This is a hard practice. Art is my entry into hunger and non-apologetic fullness and richness.

Eve was framed
Appropriate this.
Carmen returns the Favor
Peeled my own damn grapes

As film was disappearing, I began to use to film to capture images around my father and food. Film slows my process down- a deliberate and a measured quantity. My dad eats much that way. Film is fragile and precious just like he. Film and its process, like he, may be slipping away. Through my then scanning and use of digital and print reproduction, I try to hold on to him. I am conjuring a dad who is palpable, portable, and resilient.