Bare Witness

For some time since the event of a car careening into and crushing my body, I have had a special affinity for traffic cones. As […]

Reflections from the Margins

Phantom Personhood Pain I don’t hate doctors.  I hate the sick system.  It’s EPIC, factive and immutable diagnoses that are the “us/them” sick/well.  It’s a […]

Maintenance Worker

My body takes a lot to maintain. It demands my attention, often with threats of dire consequences if I don’t comply. I am a medical […]

Chafing Rooms

There really is no way to sit. To *settle.* Chafing Rooms evokes the cultural conception of wellness, how we perform as patients, and how spaces […]

Compass : A Homing Statement

This is the philosophy that orients me with/in my process: Through photography, installation, performance, and intervention, I aim to challenge stigma. Stigma is a fear […]

In Medical Res

In Medical Res is a story of illness since my beginnings, told from the middle.  Over and over, I have found myself plunked in the middle […]

Still Waiting

The (often itchy) space that’s held the light (and heavy) of the spiritual..

A Drift

In camerawork I explore ideas of motion and stillness in photography and in life.  A camera is said to capture, or freeze an action in […]

Hungering For What

Sometimes it is a hard choice to nourish oneself. I see body shaming and diet culture as violence. Women are often targets, but men are […]

Many Hats

Here is your “pee hat,” she said.  They would measure my “I’s and O’s.”  The In’s and Out’s, what comes out as urine. The collection […]

Ahh, Wellness

You’ve got to start somewhere… Throughout my studies I’ve found, and myself created, creative work on pain, suffering and illness.  I have since challenged myself to […]

Spongiform (Blogish)

Caption the revolution. The box is too small. I woke up this morning with the phrase, “The revolution will not be close captioned” running through […]

Beware, Liquidy

Recently a dear family member was diagnosed with a cognitive decline, early stage dementia. I grieve, but try to be curious. I watch as his […]

Pinhole Dialogue with the Dead

This is a portal to an assailant’s afterlife attained through a pin-pricked peep hole. I had been going armed with my pinhole camera, homemade of […]

Floating Lab Collective – Past

I have had the joy of working with wildly inventive, passionate, dedicated and talented people through collective engagement. The Floating Lab Collective is a group […]

(Hidden) in Plain Sight

At the moment of being crushed by a car in my 20’s, I went from medically impaired with invisible disability, to being very visibly disabled. […]